Teachers Speak

Mrs. Sujata Ray

Sujata Ray, Senior Economics Teacher, has been attached to the school for nearly a decade. She has done her M.A. in Economics. The TIS Project which had been started in the year 2012, has also been under her supervision. As a teacher, she is quite popular among her students for her teaching style and dedication to work. "She has been in NHES for so many years because the school work environment here is commendable."
Mrs. Bindu Ashok

In her words, "My association with this school for the past 7 years has helped me grow not only as a teacher but also as an individual. The friendly atmosphere and co-operative colleagues has made NHES a second home for me. My best wishes to all the students and hope they do exceedingly well in their future endeavors."
Mrs. Usha Bhatt

In her words, "I feel proud and honored to be associated with my school as it is the best institution to work as a teacher. The school management is a guiding force which helps me to produce good citizens for the country."
Mrs. Meenu Sharan

In her words, "I have been a part of this institution for twenty years and counting. My inspiration has been my mother-in-law who pushed me towards my journey as a teacher and find my calling amongst students. I have tried to be an inspiration, a guide and a friend to most of the young students. I hope that the beautiful relationship lasts more than a lifetime".