Awards List

Students of Narbheram Hansraj English School are encouraged to improve and excel in all areas. Their efforts are recognized and appreciated in the following manner:

L.K.G. to U.KG
  1. Best Student
  2. Most Improved
  3. Most Hardworking
Std. I to Std. XII
  • 1. NHES Award (All rounder - for outstanding performance)
  • 2. C.V.Raman Award ( for academic excellence)
  • 3. Ambedkar Award (for exceptional improvement)
  • 4. Subhash Chandra Bose Award (for working hard)
  • 5. Vivekananda Award (for good conduct)
  • 6. Tagore Award (for extra curricular activities)
  • 7. J.N.Tata Award (for social service)


1. Teachers' Award

(a) Highest in I.C.S.E. : Cash Prize of Rs. 501/-
(b) Highest in I.S.C. : Cash Prize of Rs. 501/-

2. Highest marks scored in ICSE & ISC Examinations in different subjects.

3. All Rounder Trophy
(a) Junior (b) Middle (c) Senior

4. Extra Curricular Activities
(a) Junior (b) Middle (c) Senior

5. Artist of the Year

6. G.K.
(a) Junior (b) Middle (c) Senior

7. Best House

8. Most Improved
(a) Junior (b) Middle (c) Senior

9. Best Club

10. Most Competent Council Member.
Students who score 90% and above in ICSE (aggregate) are eligible for scholarship in Class XI.

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