Examination & Promotion

  1. Students of KG to Std. V will not have examinations, but continuous assessments throughout the year.
  2. No re-test will be conducted if a student misses a test.
  3. For students of VI- XII, there will be three examinations every year (two terminals and one final). Three unit tests will be conducted in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd terms in each subject. It is compulsory for the students to appear in all the tests. The marks of all the three unit tests will be added to the terminal examination marks.
  4. The corrected answer scripts of the tests (excluding the final examination) will be shown to the parents.
  5. The promotion of a student is based on his /her hard work and behaviour throughout the session. Promotion will be granted on the average of all the marks obtained in the year. Pass marks in every subject is 40%.A student who has repeated a class for one year will not be allowed to repeat in the same class or level for another year. In such a case, the will be asked to leave the school.

    The levels are:

    Junior   :   L.Kg. to Std. III
    Middle   :   Std. IV to Std. VIII
    Senior   :   Std. IX to XII

  6. The 3rd language (Sanskrit or Gujarati) is taught for four years from Std IV- Std VII. It is compulsory to pass in the third language in order to get promoted.
  7. Students who miss an examination during the academic session will not be considered for a rank or award in the class. But, for students representing the school in any tournament or competition, held during examinations, special consideration will be shown.
  8. Selection to ICSE and lSC classes will depend on the final examination results of Std. IX and Std. XI respectively. There will be no selection examination conducted in the Xth and XIIth Stds.
  9. Report cards of the terminal examination will be given on the dates mentioned in the school calendar.
    Promotional decision made by the school will be final. The school cannot accommodate any request for change.